Monday, August 14, 2017

Black - An Artist's Tribute by Santosh Kumar Das (Tara Books)

Wow, this is definitely one of the most jaw dropping and 'different' children's books we've seen in a long time...
Tara Books once again establish themselves as one of the most innovative and exciting publishers on the world stage with "Black: An Artist's Tribute" by Santosh Kumar Das.

In "Black" the author-illustrator pays homage to his family (in particular his mother), his influences and lovingly recreates the techniques and artistic styles that feature in Indian folk art.

The book is eye-catching the minute you see the cover. Delicate, intricate and highly detailed ink drawings feature throughout as Santosh creates the most amazing page spreads to compliment his lovingly written tributes to those who have obviously shaped his work.

Indian culture and creativity quite often stems from the female side of the family, and women are often the innovators and artistic pioneers when it comes to art and technique, something that Santosh is obviously passionate about, and through his passionate work we the reader also get to share in his enthusiasm.

Such exquisite detail in Santosh's ink work. Beautiful, stark, contrasting and elegant
In places it's a bittersweet and poignant read. I loved the freshness of how this felt though, it's quite easy to say that you won't see many children's books like this - so it's worth taking a look at purely on its originality and feel.

Overall it's the way Santosh talks about his mother in this that makes you want to cuddle the book to your chest. A wonderful tribute, and a powerful celebration of the endless creativity and strength of women throughout India and the world.

"Black: An Artist's Tribute" by Santosh Kumar Das is out now, published by Tara Books (Kindly supplied for review). 

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