ReadItDaddy Book Review Item Submission Guidelines - Read This First! (updated September 2017)

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by our review item submission page and apologies for the wall of text.

The TL;DR version? We don't review self-published titles so please don't ask, even if you feel your book is special, for charity, or we'll really really like it. Let us find it - and if we don't, don't consider it any sort of insult, truly.

OK - that's out of the way so onto the submissions guidelines. First off, we're very grateful for anything you'd care to send us to review but we'd like to provide a quick summary of our submission guidelines to avoid disappointment:

  • ReadItDaddy is written by a full time hard working dad and his daughter. We don't feature paid-for content or sponsored posts, and will always state when something has been sent to us for review (with no obligation to review, obviously).
  • We love Picture Books (fiction and non fiction). Books suitable predominantly for age ranges 8-12 yrs (Young Fiction / Middle Grade) are now our mainstay. We may cover titles for younger children from time to time but only when we can manage these reviews in amongst the age appropriate stuff. We will no longer be able to review everything we get sent (but we will still try), so if a book is missed or 'summarised' - that is, written about without a "Charlotte's best bit or Daddy's Favourite bit" at the end, please don't take offence!
  • We love chapter books but we have a big reading pile! We aim to round-up as many chapter books as possible in our monthly chapter book articles and we're going to continue adding our favourite chapter books into the Book of the Week slot too. Obviously the earlier you can get titles to us, the more chance we'll publish something in line with the publication date. 
  • Book of the Week winners are announced on Fridays, usually beginning at 9.30 AM GMT sharp. We nearly always choose at least one of each from each category (picture book / chapter book) but may also double up if we really can't decide on a winner or if we don't agree what should be our outright winner (have you ever tried compromising with a Tweenager? How did that work out for you :)
  • We don't cover mobile games, apps or e-books on the blog, we leave that to far better folk who are great at handling that sort of thing. We may talk about games occasionally but that will be about games we've bought and paid for ourselves from major publishers. We do cover things other than books so if you would like us to review art materials, stationery and toys appropriate for 9 yrs plus, we'd certainly consider it so drop us a line at readitdaddy at outlook dot com and we'll see what we can do.
  • We are no longer able to take part in Blog Tours on a regular basis. These took up a lot of our time in 2016, more time than we had - and we had a pretty naff experience in a couple of cases where we had to write copy at the very last minute. We understand that PRs, Authors and Artists are very busy people but so are we so we will pass on any blog tours in 2017. We may consider writing a timely review to coincide with a blog tour though, but please ensure that any supporting materials (and of course the book itself) is with us in good time for publication.
  • Sometimes we make mistakes. We're only human. Imagine having a review schedule of 30 books, squeezing in review time and then realising you've misspelled someone's name - or the name of their book - or Blogger has dished up the wrong header image? We feel pretty silly about these things but will endeavour to correct our mistakes as quickly as possible if you contact us about them. 
  • Guilt-tripping us to try and snag a review will result in an instant no.
  • Last but by no means least we absolutely, positively, undoubtedly love love LOVE books and we're extremely passionate about them. If you think our blog sounds glowingly praising most of the time, it's pretty much because children's picture books are on FIRE at the moment, and it's actually very rare to find a children's picture book that sucks. However, please do not take it personally if Charlotte doesn't like your book. There are a billion other children on the planet who probably will and a reviews website wouldn't be a reviews website if we loved absolutely everything to bits, would it?
If you'd still like to send us something for review - and you've read everything above, well done you,  please do drop us a line at:

Tweet us by all means too @readitdaddy but again please consider the above. 

Posted books from publishers will always reach us if sent by standard (Royal Mail) post. Couriers don't work outside business hours so we often find it difficult to re-arrange delivery if items are couriered to us (couriers seem to find it unusual that people work full time for a living and can't wait in all day for parcels, fancy that eh!) We have had couriers dump books in the garden (front and back), in the rain, under the heating overflow pipe and even in our green bin on pick up day. On the flip side, sometimes the Royal Mail postie will leave stuff outside the front door but that's a very rare occurrence and 9 times out of 10 Royal Mail is still the best way to get a book to us as we can pick it up from our local distribution centre. 

Couriered items are also rapidly making us very unpopular with our neighbours (who do take things in and sign for them, grudgingly) so if you do need to courier something, email the address above and we'll give you a one-off alternative mailing address. If you do courier items to our work or home addresses without warning us and we miss them or the courier leaves a card requesting us to arrange re-delivery, we will opt instead not to do so and the items will be returned to you without review or coverage I'm afraid. Even if we do somehow catch them, we may opt to not review the items. Please work with us on this, as it causes a lot of annoyance and stress.

Thanks for reading and most importantly thanks for understanding. We do what we do for the love of it (and for the odd free book here and there), we don't get paid, and we work long hours too - but we hugely appreciate the work of all you wonderful publishers, PRs, authors and illustrators - so much more than we can convey in a few short words in a review. 


My Daddy's Going Away... said...

Brilliant work guys - thank you. As a serving Army officer I have written a children's picture book to help families cope with the challenges of paternal separation, called My Daddy's Going Away... it is self published, but in collaboration with Emma Yarlett and Random House, will be re-published later this year. I would love you to review it in either form (or both)!
Thanks, Chris MacGregor.

Nicky said...

Thought you might be interested in my blog - It's all about stories - about children's picture books, authors & illustrators, with an overall aim to encourage families to love stories. I run Story Cafe's for a preschool where we involve families in exploring a story and making story props to take home and retell the story - so my blog includes ideas for story related activities and easy to make props. It's at, and on pinterest too -

Anonymous said...

Here is some very good advice for children's book authors.

Sarah Hindmarsh said...

I am currently blogging on the topic of getting children engaged with books and reading and would love your input if you have time to share some of your ideas. My email is

Asta Kalpokaite-Golias said...

I'm Asta Kalpokaite, co-illustrator of "Mum, I want an octopus" a children's book. It tells the story of a child who wants to get a pet after a visit to the zoo. Her mum explains how much care animals need.

I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first printing round, and it is available until July 5th:

Is this something you would be interested in writing about? I can also provide you any further details or pictures you may need.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,
Asta Kalpokaite Golias