ReadItDaddy Book Review Item Submission Guidelines - Read This First! (updated November 2017)

Hi folks. Thanks for stopping by our review item submission page and apologies for the wall of text.

The TL;DR version? We don't review self-published or small-run publisher titles so please don't ask, even if you feel your book is special, for a good cause, or you think we'll really really like it.

Let US find it - and if we don't, please don't be offended, the likelihood is that it just isn't our cup of tea.

The rest of our submission guidelines:

  • If you're a publisher or a PR, by all means contact us by emailing or send us a DM or tweet on Twitter (@readitdaddy) and we'll gladly take a look at what you're offering for review. 

  • Digital copies of books are fine, but we do prefer to work from printed copy. 

  • If mailing items to us, we really (and I do mean REALLY) stress that Royal Mail should be used (or Parcel Force). Those items will make it to us safely, our postie is happy to card us (as we don't do this as a full time gig so are not working from home) and we can pick up the items at our convenience. Using couriers means that A) quite often our neighbours are pestered by van drivers insisting on dropping off items with them and B) if they can't do that, they resort to dumping items outside. We are taking a tougher stance on this in 2018 and won't review items sent by courier unless by prior arrangement to our alternate (work) address. 
  • Please consider the core age group we review for (middle grade - 7 to 12 and some YA / Adult stuff as well now) when sending picture books. Again, in 2018 we will no longer be able to review absolutely everything we're sent, so books that C considers too babyish won't be covered unless she really wants to help write those ones up (honestly though, we're so past the 'cute fluffy duck story' stage that we just can't fit those books in any more).
  • Overall, we will carry on doing what we do best - providing good solid honest reviews of awesome books. 
All the best and hope you stick with us through 2018 and beyond. 

The ReadItDaddy Team


My Daddy's Going Away... said...

Brilliant work guys - thank you. As a serving Army officer I have written a children's picture book to help families cope with the challenges of paternal separation, called My Daddy's Going Away... it is self published, but in collaboration with Emma Yarlett and Random House, will be re-published later this year. I would love you to review it in either form (or both)!
Thanks, Chris MacGregor.

Nicky said...

Thought you might be interested in my blog - It's all about stories - about children's picture books, authors & illustrators, with an overall aim to encourage families to love stories. I run Story Cafe's for a preschool where we involve families in exploring a story and making story props to take home and retell the story - so my blog includes ideas for story related activities and easy to make props. It's at, and on pinterest too -

Anonymous said...

Here is some very good advice for children's book authors.

Sarah Hindmarsh said...

I am currently blogging on the topic of getting children engaged with books and reading and would love your input if you have time to share some of your ideas. My email is

Asta Kalpokaite-Golias said...

I'm Asta Kalpokaite, co-illustrator of "Mum, I want an octopus" a children's book. It tells the story of a child who wants to get a pet after a visit to the zoo. Her mum explains how much care animals need.

I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first printing round, and it is available until July 5th:

Is this something you would be interested in writing about? I can also provide you any further details or pictures you may need.

Thank you for your time.

Best wishes,
Asta Kalpokaite Golias