Want to work with us? We're PR Friendly...!

Yep that's us, a dad and daughter book blogging team and we're PR friendly!

If you have a book, a brand, or related merchandise in the following areas and would like to work with us, perhaps write a guest blog post or think that you have content that fits in with what we do here, then please drop us a line at readitdaddy@outlook.com and we'll endeavour to reply as soon as we can.

We're particularly interested in the following: 

  • Picture Books and Chapter Books for ages 5 upwards (we do cover some younger age group / baby books too if we like the look of them so please do ask!)
  • Book related merchandise, stationery items and activity books. 
  • Art materials and art activity related items
  • Educational items (for ages 8 upwards)
  • Toys, Board Games and jigsaw puzzles (no apps please)
  • Clothing and accessories (age 8 upwards)
  • Days out / book related events and outdoor activity items (for coverage on the excellent "Can I walk, Mummy?" blog)

We can also provide services (time permitting) for the following: 
  • Children's book consultations, suitability panels and advice
  • Guest articles for other publications
  • Storytelling and reading events
  • Other articles and coverage

Please do bear in mind the following: 

  • We will endeavour to review or provide coverage for anything we're sent within reason and at our discretion. Unsolicited items or non-appropriate items may not be reviewed or given coverage as we write the blog strictly in our spare time, and our time is fairly limited. 
  • We aim to be as timely with reviews as possible and try to accommodate review dates / requests where we can. Again though, our schedule is very busy and is planned out at least 2-3 months in advance so please respect our decision on reviews and accept our apologies if items cannot be reviewed on dates requested.
  • We don't make any money from the blog, nor do we aim to in the foreseeable future. Please respect our overall policy of providing honest, unbiased and balanced reviews and services and our right to choose what does and doesn't get covered on ReadItDaddy
Phil & Charlotte