ReadItDaddy's Children's Book Planned Reading List for 2014

ReadItDaddy's Planned Reading Pile for 2014 for both me and Charlotte.
Items in Green have been read or obtained already.
Claude in the Country (HarperCollins)Superworm (HarperCollins)Hollow City (Quirk)Dangerous!(Little Tiger)
Angela Nicely - Queen Bee (HarperCollins)Lots of Mice to Spot (Usborne)Grandfather Gandhi (S & S)Nest (S & S)
Kate and the Beanstalk
(S & S)
Daisy and Josephine (S & S)Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine (S & S)Who's in the tree that shouldn't be? (Templar)
Squishy McFluff The Invisible Cat (Faber)Hog in the Fog (Faber)Macavity (Faber)Snow (Faber)
The Driftwood Ball (Templar)Spider Sandwiches (Bloomsbury)Zombelina (Bloomsbury)The Table Sets Itself (Bloomsbury)
Saturday is Dadurday (Bloomsbury)There's a Shark in the Bath (Scholastic)The Story of StarsA Letter for Bear (Flying Eye)
The Lego Movie Storybook (Scholastic)Pets (Flying Eye Books)Shackleton's Journey (Flying Eye Books)Princess Stay Awake (Maverick Books)
Hocus Pocus Diplodocus (Maverick)Cantankerous King Colin (Maverick)Get Ahead Fred (Maverick)The Goblin and the Girl (Maverick)
Melric and the Sorcerer (Andersen)Piper (Andersen)Look After Me (Andersen)Fred (Andersen)
New Friend Old Friends (Andersen)Ike's Incredible Ink (Walker)Journey (Walker)Love him to Death (Walker)
Oliver (Walker)The Nowhere Box (Walker)Little Big Mouth (Walker)The Secret Garden (Walker)
A Day With Barbapapa (Orchard)The Memory Tree (Orchard)Ready, Teddy, Go (Orchard)Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard (Jonathan Cape)

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